“Perfect For Any Kind of Financial Advisor”

"I like how this book presents the underlying bases for our decision-making.  It fits the front end of essentially every sales process.  It takes 'Know your client' to a whole new level.  Perfect for any kind of financial advisor or serious sales professional."

--Randy Schwantz, CEO/President, The Wedge Group
“Thoroughly Enjoyed It”

Money Makes Me Crazy” provides a common-sensical approach that I can use both personally and in my business. Thoroughly enjoyed it. “

--Kelly McCreight, President, The Hamilton-Ryker Company
“It represents a powerful paradigm shift that I believe will rock the financial industry”

"As a business strategist who deals in results and behavioral consequences every day, I quickly recognized the immense value in Ted Lyman’s behavioral financial planning model. It represents a powerful paradigm shift that I believe will rock the financial industry, restore confidence, and create results that far surpass pre-crisis performance. "

--Tony Jeary, author Strategic Acceleration
“It help you to start thinking about how to be successful in meeting “your” financial goals.”

“I have known Ted for over 35 years since we served together as officers in the Marine Corps in Hawaii and then shared an apartment together with our families in Japan to offset the spiraling impact of the rising yen versus the dollar.  Over the years, I have followed Ted’s career in the Marine Corps as he became one of the leaders of the Financial Planning  arm of the Corps to a very successful career in the Financial Planning industry in the civilian sector.

In his book, “Money Makes me Crazy”, Ted is right on point that “You” must take charge of your financial planning.  The plan must be tailored for you, not a cookie cutter plan that is applied to all.  In order to do this, you must identify what makes you tick and what your values are, in other words what your “behaviors” are.  If you don’t do this fundamental step, the chances that you will identify, follow through and ultimately meet your financial objectives will be greatly diminished.

Being aware of your “feeling brain” but following your “thinking brain” is driven home by Ted’s very fun (and real) example of “The Mall”.  The book is a very easy and entertaining read the first time through.  The process of thinking through, writing down, and working with a qualified Behavioral Financial Planner to develop your values, objectives and execution plan are ongoing and flexible as your situation and the environment around you change.

I highly recommend “Money Makes me Crazy” as an easy to read and understand roadmap to help you to start thinking about how to be successful in meeting “your” financial goals.”

--C. Murray, VP of Manufacturing (retired), The Coca-Cola Company
“Ted has figured out a missing piece in the human money equation that others like myself have ignored for years!”

Ted McLyman has the sense to admit that even the people who manage other people’s money go crazy trying to understand how and why people do what they do with money. McLyman figures out a missing piece in the human money equation that others like myself have ignored for years.

--Paul Monson, Economist and Chief of Staff, USDA Forest Service
This book will alter your Money Behavior for the better.

Money Makes me Crazy by Ted McLyman is a great hand guide to a quick personal evaluation of your individual money beliefs.

Being a recent college graduate, I found this book to be extremely helpful. With the end of my first full year in a salary career I found myself asking the frustrating question: "Where did all that money go?". After reading this book I now have a clear perspective on why I behave the way I do and rather than alloy excuses that will later frustrate me I can make the changes appropriate to my personality type.
As stated in the book "Information is not knowledge" and this book is a great resource for turning information into action.  The exercises in the book help you personalize and understand exactly how you behave and act with money which in turn helps you internalize any adjustments that should be made.

Working in the finance sector I see how a wide variety of individuals spend their money. By making it unique to each persons own behavior and adapting to the principles I believe the people who really care to improve their personal financial circumstance- will.
This is not your typical finance book with business jargon that will make your head spin, it's an enjoyable read that if you're open to the suggestions has the ability to alter your money behavior for the better.

-- Amy Brunelle
“Thought Provoking “

I have enjoyed reading this entertaining book. It is a lively, quick read with good insight and humor. The book speaks to the human nature side of dealing with money...a component often missed in other financial writings. The concrete world of money is exactly as Ted McLyman says...it is NOT always a concrete, black and white decision you make with your finances but may also include some anxiety, a little drama, and has much to do with one's own personality and behavior. This added emotional component is a fact that needs to be addressed when making wise financial choices. Thanks, Ted McLyman, for your thoughts and insights.

-- J.Dempsey on Amazon.com
"WOW, what a book!!!”

Ted McLyman had my attention when he spoke at a breakfast meeting I attended. Bought the book, read it in 3 hours (first read). Have read twice since, each time getting more comfortable with Crazy Me. . . and Now am gifting it to family & friends!!! He is really on to something. Wish I'd met this book 10, no, 30 years ago, but guess I wasn't ready (and of course Ted hadn't written).

Of course, my 'behaviors' affect how I handle (mis handle) $$$$$. Why didn't I think of this? Thank you, thank you, Ted . . . book has changed my life already!!

-- Florence Biven on Amazon.com
“A Truly Helpful book”

My husband and I've read so many financial books and articles over the years, and Money Makes Me Crazy stands alone. So much of what we've seen before is basically the technical or mechanical parts of managing money and investing---establishing budgets, ways to save money, investing methods, saving for retirement, saving for college, the power of compound interest and time, and so on. That is helpful for sure, but none of it went to the core of us and money. This book does. It immediately tackles why we humans generally have a very tough time with money, helps us each identify our money values, biases, and tendencies, helps us improve our fundamental relationship with money, and gives us the means to greatly improve our financial security. It's an easy read, straightforward, extremely engaging, thought-provoking, and I think groundbreaking.

-- Sandra Lee on Amazon.com
“Spot on, easy to read”

Page after page was me! In easy reading English the author covers MY money behaviors that I didn't even really think about. I know a whole lot more about how I respond to buying pressures and how I can keep more of my money in my purse instead of giving in, now that I unerstand my money behavior better. Easy to read, too. finished it in just a couple evenings. Get it, read it, apply what it says! I wish I could have bought this years ago. Good price, supersaver shipping, can hardly go wrong.

-- C. Spencer on Amazon.com