Are you curious to know what the world’s entire economy hopes you never realise? This secret has the power to change your finances for the better - forever.

‘Money Makes Me Crazy! A Prescription For Money Sanity,’ show you how you have been spending - and saving, wrong your whole life! And the weirdest part? You didn’t even know you were doing it!

  • Want to watch your bank account grow with barely any effort?
  • Would you like the assurance of knowing you are doing things right by yourself and your family?
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Yes? Thought so!

Oscar Wilde once said: “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” We can’t help but admire Wilde for his romantic vision, but we haven't forgotten that he died in borderline poverty - unable even to pay his doctor from his deathbed!

However, we would agree with him that the advice so often given to ‘live within your means’ is just dull dull dull.

BUT - and it is a big but, many of us could spend less - and therefore save more, if we only understood a few basic things about ourselves. We are all different, but there are a great many similarities too. One of these being that our spending habits are led by our emotions.

So, saving needn’t mean scrimping or being boring - it just means knowing where we fritter money, and where we should spend it wisely!

Once we understand our unique money temperament, then it becomes clear that we spend so much money unnecessarily, on things we don’t really need or even want.

According to Business Insider, a daily Starbucks will rack up to an enormous cost of $7000 in ten years. This has become a bit of a cliched example in the topic of money saving, but is worth mentioning. The thing is - we all love coffee.

If a daily expenditure like coffee can amount to this much, think about all the other pointless costs we shell out (that are often more expensive than just a caffeine fix) - without even thinking about it!

Money Makes Me Crazy! - The Book

Money Makes Me Crazy: A Prescription for Money Sanity is here to teach you the crucial importance of recognizing your own unique money temperament.

When you learn to observe your spending habits, you will begin to understand what drives you, and the values you have that push you to make the money decisions that you do.

With the right perspective, money is merely a tool that needs to be managed - it should not be a fatal flaw that leads to fiscal tragedy!

6 Reasons to get ‘Money Makes Me Crazy’

In ‘Money Makes Me Crazy,’ I explain how to use the Money Behaviour System. You will learn that:


You will learn

How will this help me?

Money decisions are always emotional. Modern research by people like Steven Johnson and Dr. A. K. Pradeep indicate time and again that we are not the rational beings we think we are when it comes to money.

Simply understanding this is the first step, but I’m going to show you how you can really use this knowledge as a valuable tool. It won’t be long before those dimes start turning themselves into dollars.

Everyone has a unique money temperament.

When you know yours and understand your values and weak spots this will go a long way to stopping you spend unnecessarily. You will even start to marvel as you recognise occasions when you would have previously handed over cash without thinking

Money strategies should match our money temperament

So it is pointless to decide that you will no longer spend money on morning coffees - if you know that you frequently run late, have trouble getting started and…. well, you just love your daily soy cappuccino!

The old financial industry is all about products--features and price.

No amount of products will help you if you don’t first know how to help yourself. Trust me on this - I’ve seen it time and time again!

The new financial industry is all about behavior--temperament and strategy.

YES! And the small amount of time it will take you to learn this can quite literally save you thousands of dollars!

Know your money temperament and manage your behavior to create wealth.

Just like true happiness has to come from within, so does true money sanity. Otherwise you will fall into self-destructive habits and patterns. Noone can help you to help yourself better than you (well, and a little help from my book!)

I can show you how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

Money is too important to get wrong. There is seldom a do-over, and the older you get the harder it will get to recover from your financial mistakes.

Take control of your financial future now - ‘Money Makes Me Crazy: A Prescription for Money Sanity’ will show you how!

I bet you have a few questions. Here are a few from other buyers

Q: How much is it?
A: Kindle: $6.45 Paperback: $11.69
Q: What will I learn?
A: It is a mixture of your biology, culture, and belief systems that make you spend the way you do. You will learn how these affect you individually and this will teach you to make better money choices.
Q: How is this different to other personal finance books?
A: Too many financial advice falls into a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which also happens to completely ignore the emotional/behavioural aspect of spending, which is what Ted focuses on.

Q: I don’t have a credit card, can I still buy Money Makes Me Crazy?
A: We accept credit and debit cards only.

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A: Apexx/Money Makes Me Crazy??

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A: International shipping rates and customs fee apply.

Q: Is there a guarantee? What if I don’t find the book useful?
A: Yes, if you do not feel any benefit from Money Makes Me Crazy, we will give you a full refund within 30 days of the order date.

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